Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer is coming!

 My Mother's Day usual... A Dug Special... Flowers and a homemade card.  He's So creative.

 This kid is talented.. Holding the water bottle with his feet, while he eats the lanyard part

We went with some friends to Deanna Rose Farm.  All the new baby animals made their debut. Landon was more interested in people's strollers and wagons that people were pulling their kids in.

Landon and buddy Cal West chillin in the stroller.  We are really going to miss them when they move to Arizona this summer :(

I guess after seeing all those animals do their business on the ground Landon decided to leave us a little present as well.  I went to get him from his nap and this is what I found on one side of the room.  On the other I found a very happy, very naked little boy sitting on his bed with his blankie.  I was so disgusted.  Poop everywhere!

Doug and I didn't get to him in time...The next best option???  Take off his shirt and let him go to town.  He loved every minute of it. I cringe every time he gets super dirty in his cute clothes, but it made him so happy. He was such a mess.  Happy Memorial Day!!

I love these kinda mornings.  We have a lot of them :)

Playing Catch Up

At the end of April, Landon and I decided to make yet another trip out to Ohio to visit aunt Casey and family.  Grandma Judy and Jenny made the trip as well.  We had so much fun hanging out together and consuming way too much soda :)

Of course this is how our trip started out...My little boy all tuckered out ten seconds after we landed in Minneapolis for our layover. 

For those of you that know this kid also know that he doesn't sleep anywhere besides his crib.  He was super sleepy.. Made the layover nice for me though!

He got to play with his cousin Kate for a whole week.

And this was the only good picture I got with the two of them...Don't mind my head in the middle.

Lucy obviously thinks she's a mermaid...

and Kate likes cupcakes.

We all celebrated Norah's birthday together, but sadly we are short one sister.  Missed ya Sarah!

Princess Norah..Her Dora cupcakes were delicious.

Tubby time!

He's so dang cute

I was shocked to see him fall asleep on an actual bed.. He never wanted his crib again after this.

 Grandma Judy's specialty.. We can't see Jude and not hit Chuck E. Cheese too

We went on a walk and these two were out like lights.  They are always so much cuter when they are sleeping :)

The rides at the mall

All Lucy wants for Christmas is her two front teeth...hopefully they grow back by Christmas.  

My older sister loves to show us what she's eating.. She ran a half marathon while I was there and killed it.  You couldn't pay me to do that.  Congrats girlie!
Going to Ohio always makes a good trip.  We had a blast.  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter/General Conference Weekend

The Easter Bunny visited our house again this year.. Going off the fact that Doug got some highlighters tells me he knows Doug well :)

My good looking little man all spiffed up for church.  Doesn't get much cuter than that.

Landon taking in some rays... or as my parents would say "Working on his skin cancer".

He had a little fever for a few days.  Wouldn't even take the cold rag off of his head cause it felt good.  

Watched movies...

...and more movies

And he took a pass on the second Sunday session of Conference.  But Doug and I had a good time listening to the talks that were given.  It was a very relaxing Sunday for sure.

Poor little guy slept on the couch for about 3 hours...not like him at all.

Here he is doing everything he can so that he doesn't have to eat.  That dang blanket is going to be the death of me.

Little Stinker!!! His new favorite thing is to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper.  I, however, am not so fond of his new obsession.

But boy I do love this little guy.  He makes us so happy!

And he's finally doing some walking folks! Hopefully I won't have to carry him everywhere for much longer!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Visit from Jude and Jim

I always love to have my parents come from Utah to stay with us.  We got to spend the weekend with them down in Branson and we had a great time.  
Clearly we need to put some meat on the little guys bones. I promise we feed him :)

 All the grandkids love grandpa apparently Landon is following the trend.

 Grandpa, ipad, blankie..Doesn't get any better than that.

 The best Caramel frozen custard...So delicious!

 I can remember my Dad doing this to me when I was little. So awesome. Gotta keep the little one warm!

 He licks everything!!!!

 Folks he's finally standing...and taking steps between Mom and Dad on his own.

 Favorite show

 Loungin...I love that he crosses his leg like that.

 My sleepy little guy with his best friend :)  Love these two.

Silly Boy!

It's a good thing I caught him in the act or that whole wipe container would've been empty. Little stinker!